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Michelle Ho

The trial class was interesting enough that i wanted to learn more about it. so i signed up for more lessons with the teacher. he seemed nice enough and didn't smell bad. i didn't know he was a BIG DEAL WORLD CHAMPION. 

never thought (and still can't believe) i would keep coming back for more. try it, WHY NOT!

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Martin Hogbörn

Best place you could ever imagine, great atmosphere and instructors for both kids and adults. We came to the Bay Area with three kids (who did not speak english at the time), here we felt at home from the start!

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Shaw Lawndreth

This gym is great, and Milton is extremely knowledgeable and technical. His attention to detail in the instruction is very useful, and he helps refine even the smallest portions of Jiu-Jitsu for all of his students and at any level belt. He's always got a smile on his face, and his enthusiasm and playfulness is contagious. The overall vibe in the gym is very relaxed, with no egos, and each training session is fun and full of laughter and lots of sweat.