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Welcome to Liberdade Jiu Jitsu, the martial arts studio where champions are made. As a family-owned studio, we are committed to providing the highest quality training for students of all ages. Our world-class instructors are passionate about Jiu Jitsu and dedicated to helping students achieve their full potential. We believe in not only teaching the art of Jiu Jitsu, but in fostering a strong sense of community among our students. Join us and be part of the Liberdade Jiu Jitsu family today!

Milton Bastos and Alex Barcelona


Join the team at Liberdade Jiu Jitsu and train with some of the best in the world. Our instructors, including 7 times world champion, Milton Bastos, and 2 times world champion, Alex Barcelona, have the experience and passion to help you reach your full potential. Train with us and see the difference our team can make.

Black Belts instructors at Liberdade Jiu Jitsu


Welcome to Liberdade Jiu Jitsu, the premier Brazilian jiu-jitsu academy in Nashville, TN. Led by world champions Milton Bastos and Alex Barcelona, our academy offers a unique blend of traditional and modern jiu-jitsu techniques for self-defense and sport. We believe that jiu-jitsu is for everyone and are proud to offer a welcoming and inclusive family environment. Whether you are new to jiu-jitsu or a competitive athlete, you will find a supportive community and experienced instructors at Liberdade Jiu Jitsu. Book your free trial class today!

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