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Pan Americans' Champions!

We are back from our busy weekend in Florida where the International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) hosted their annual Pan American Championships. The Pan Americans, along with the World Championships are known as the top 4 most important championships and events of the year. Through hard work, training and lots of focus; as a family, we were all able to medal and even bring home 2 golds! Of course, things don't always go our way and even though we had a goal of 3 golds coming back home- Alex was the weak link (insert eye roll for that, and speaking of herself in third person)

Milton and myself fought on Thursday with some great and exciting matches. Milton was able to clinch the top spot adding to his extensive resume of now 7 World titles and 3 Pan American Championships. I , myself placed 3rd in the feather weight female division. However, Joao is the real winner here since Milton had accidentally signed him for the weight division BELOW and with 4 days notice, Joao was able to drop the weight necessary by a strict diet and lots of praying! He fought extremely smart during his matches on Sunday morning to come out on top with a gold medal of his own. Reef is still upset he's not old enough to fight in these big tournaments but this is just adding fuel to his fire for when he is able to compete. Although we never like to push any of us to compete; we do stress that everyone should have their own goals in life and set out to accomplish them. We are fortunate enough that for the time being, we as a family can help each other accomplish the goals we have set out for ourselves.

Next up! Worlds No GI October 6-10th in Texas. In the meantime- back to training and preparing! We'll be where we always are, Liberdade Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.


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