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7 Ways to Build a Consistent BJJ Routine for Beginners

Hey Guys! It's Alex here! I wanted to give you some tips on how to build up your stamina for Jiu Jitsu. As beginners it can be overwhelming and simultaneously extremely fun to train Jiu Jitsu but alas; our old life eventually catches up to us and we can sometimes let our new found love drop to the way side due to guilt, obligation and people (outside of our jiu jitsu academy) wondering where we've disappeared to. The tips below are a good starting place to keep your momentum rolling. Let's delve into it!


  • It's best start with a solid night sleep to ensure we are prepared to handle whatever comes our way the next day. That means going to bed at a timely hour, no phone or distractions 30 minutes before you sleep is ideal.


  • If you're reading this, chances are you're between the ages of 28-40 and let me tell you... you already know you're getting old and feeling those little aches and pains you never knew existed. So please, for the love of God... Stretch. It doesn't make you less cool. It makes you more cool. Preferably in the morning, and before you get into class (if that means coming early to stretch on the side of the mat- then do it)

  • There are so many benefits to stretching.

    • reduces muscle tension

    • prevents injury

    • increases range of motion in your joints and muscles

    • enhances your muscle coordination

    • increases circulation and blood flow

    • increases your energy

    • improves your posture

    • stress reliever

Below are a few key stretches that will help increase the longevity of your body and training capabilities!


  • Have your gi washed and cleaned in a bag with your water, towel and anything else you may need next to the door or already in your car. We know everyone is busy and works hard, so why work harder. No one wants to go home after work and get their training stuff together and THEN head out. Creating more stops before coming to class can increase your chances of possibly not making it. No judging- but I know we're all full of excuses; myself included. The Go Bag just eliminates one extra stop on your daily commute.

4) EAT

  • But don't over eat, but don't under eat either. And don't eat right before class! Confusing right? Make sure you're nourished enough to get through warmups, technique and sparring. Your brain needs to be fed so it can retain all the information you're receiving from your Professor. So please, help yourself and make sure you've had enough water and food for the day. But also not enough to throw up on your training partner- no one wants that.


  • Your Jiu Jitsu journey is important and you want a strong foundation from the get go. Making friends in the academy will help you tremendously. They will help you along the way and make the process more fun. Whether you make friends with higher belts who will hold you accountable and make sure you're showing up; or you befriend a few white belts and you all grow together- both are equally important bonds to have. You are creating a new community and you need to give yourself and others a chance to grow in the best habitat possible.


  • Please remember you are learning something brand new. Do not get discouraged. As an adult, we rarely have time to challenge ourselves to new and exciting endeavors. But you did! You started Jiu Jitsu and now you want to be committed. However, it can become frustrating at times because we are literally learning how to crawl again before we learn to walk and run. Its always exciting to see the higher belts sparring hard and doing amazing cool tricks. You'll get there, I promise. But you won't get there any time soon. So please, take your time. No one should be rushing you. You'll fail, and fail and fail again. But then you'll get it one day, and that sense of accomplishment will fill your face and a big smile will come across it. Listen to your body, push yourself but not so much that you don't feel like coming to class anymore.

  • Aim to come to class daily! Does that mean you need to spar and go crazy 100% daily? No, it doesn't. There are many ways to attend class. if your body is feeling sore, that's alright; come for class, participate and drill the technique, and then skip live rolling. There are lots of ways to work around how you are feeling by still coming and learning every day.


  • You may be an expert in your career of choice, but you are a newb here. Own it, love it accept it! Let your guard down. That's perfectly okay. You are learning something brand new to you and you won't fully understand everything right away. Like I said above, we must all (and have) learn to crawl before we can walk and run. "Baby steps" should be repeated frequently to yourself. Leave your ego aside. If you don't understand something or WHY you're doing something there is no harm is asking. It doesn't make you less cool. In fact, it only makes you better because you will fully learn and understand the technique!

Are there more than these 7 tips to help you along the way in jiu jitsu? Yes! of course. But hopefully these will get your foot in the door with staying consistent. Consistency is key when learning something new. Jiu jitsu is worth every sacrifice you make for your long term goal of never quitting this sport. Remember, the benefits greatly out weigh any negative. Hope this has helped you in some way and I'll see you on the mats soon!

- Alex Barcelona- Black belt, World No Gi Champion, No Gi Pan American Champion

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